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A2 h/w Sep 8th

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In order to establish a good understanding of the role of religion in the world today, I would like you to create an infographic about one religion. The information should be presented attractively on one side of A4. Please try and cover:

  • Number of followers
  • Key beliefs
  • History
  • Global spread

Also, try to apply some sociological concepts.

Please make these nice and pretty so that they could be displayed in T04.

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Y13A Sociology homework 1

Objective: To update your contemporary knowledge and encourage to be able to use a sociological framework when analysing events.

Choose an event that has taken place in any society and analyse using the following questions:

  1. Who are the ‘social actors’ involved?
  2. How are different media sources reporting this event?
  3. What similarities and differences are there?
  4. Why might these similarities/differences exist?
  5. What sociological concepts might be applied to this event?
  6. How might different sociological perspectives explain the event and its reporting?

Due Lesson 3 for presentation and discussion