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AS Family: Policies h/w

Here is the PowerPoint from class: Social Policy_and_ the Family

For homework, please choose 8 policies from all the ones we have looked at. 4 need to be from the Cameron Conservative government and 4 can be from any period since the 1940s.

Please place them into a table and write a short description identifying how the policy links into the rest of the the topic. For example:

  1. Extra funding for Relate (marriage counselling): Obviously, this links to the marriage and divorce topics.  David Cameron’s Conservative Party is clearly prizing marriage and trying to encourage people to maintain their marriage rather than creating more single parent families. Therefore, this supports the New Right familial ideology in particular because single parent families are seen as dangerous for society because children from these families are statistically more likely to underachieve at school and pursue anti social behaviour. More extreme feminists might be unhappy with this focus on marriage because it is believed that women are often exploited by their husband, so often divorce is seen as the best option for the woman. 


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AS Family essay

For h/w, please prepare for the following question:

Examine different sociological views on changes in the experience of women in the family during the past 50 years or so (20 marks).

You will sit the essay on: December 1st