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Families and Households Video: Childhood and Poverty

A long documentary about poverty, families and childhood. Useful for Families and Households and Work, Poverty and Welfare.

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GCSE and A2 Crime and Deviance: ‘High social cost’ adults can be predicted from as young as three, says study

20% of population uses majority of public services, research shows, indicating long-term importance of early years investment for disadvantaged children.

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AS: Ageing Britain

How relevant is this?! Front page of The Guardian today:

Loneliness ‘forces older people into hospitals’ and strains services, say senior doctors

Call for community support and recognition of the effects of isolation, which is becoming a ‘major health concern’

Ageing Britain: two-fifths of NHS budget is spent on over-65s

Data produced for the Guardian shows how health spending is split across age groups, with costs set to rise as people live longer: