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The perception gap – reality vs fiction

Take the perception test and see how well you know your country!


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A2 Beliefs: Further signs of secularisation?

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Taken from The Guardian:

A new poll suggests that only 31% of people in the UK would like a copy of the Bible to take to a desert island. The Radio 4 programme’s imaginary castaways are given a Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare, along with their choice of eight pieces of music, another book and one luxury item.

Reflecting the increasing secularity and diversity of British society, the poll found that 56% of respondents would not choose to take a Bible, and another 13% were unsure. Fewer than one in three welcomed the inclusion of a Bible in their musical and literary accompaniments to a solitary existence. There was a noticeable generational difference: 18% of 18-to-24-year-olds would choose a Bible, compared with 39% of over-65s.


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A2 Beliefs: Myth of a nation?

Whether you agree with the following video featuring Akala or not, he does make some thought provoking comments about how nations create a national myth which often re-writes history to create a narrative that is helpful to the aims of the powerful: