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AS Mock Revision

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Your questions will only be based on the following:

  1. Learn key terms such as: family, household, kinship, nuclear family, cereal packet family, beanpole family, extended family, reconstituted family, familial ideology, cohabitation, lone parent family, welfare benefits, state, family diversity, multiculturalism, liberalism, polygamy, polyandry, polygyny, monogamy, serial monogamy, achieved status, ascribed status, expressive role, instrumental role, value consensus, social solidarity, cultural capital, material deprivation, deviance, primary socialisation, secondary socialisation, restricted code, elaborated code, gender role, patriarchy…
  2. Definitions of the family: l2_defining_family
  3. Family diversity: (Don’t worry about this too much, we are going to study this after the exams, but you do need a couple of examples)
  4. Change in families throughout history: l4_family_change
  5. Marriage: l6_marriage_and_cohabitation
  6. Divorce: l7_divorce
  7. The New Right: l10_the-new-right_v2
  8. Functionalism: l5_functionalism
  9. Lone parent families: l11_singleparent