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Neil Postman

With the advent of electronic information, particularly when television was introduced directly into the home, this monopoly (of adult knowledge) crumbled. Television, Postman points out, is a visual medium that requires no training and is available to be viewed and understood by all. “In learning to interpret the meaning of images, we do not require lessons in grammar or spelling or logic or vocabulary. We require no analogue of the McGuffey Reader, no preparation, no prerequisite training. Watching television not only requires no skills but develops no skills” (79). The barriers between adulthood and childhood are eroded; there is no longer the possibility of segregating information from the young. All are exposed to the adult world—murder and mayhem, lust and titillation, greed and consumerism—through television melodrama and comedy, talk shows, game shows, news shows, “reality” shows, and commercials

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