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A2 – Exam prep – email

Hi everyone,

I received an email this weekend from Satvir asking,

For the mocks, if we get a question on Marxist theories on religion, can we use theories from the Marxism and Social Change topic as well e.g. Maduro and Gramsci? Or do we have to stick to just the ones from Marxism in general like Marx and Lenin?

The answer is:
Yes, definitely. The conservative vs social change debate is a key part of any perspective answer.
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Good debate today. Make sure you read through the rest of this and take notes. Remember to really focus on A02 skills:

The New Right

Also, don’t forget your half term tasks:

1. Create a mindmap demonstrating how the perspectives link to one another

2. Research 3 UK policies that relate directly to the family. Ideally at least one should be during the Cameron and Blair administrations.