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A2 Beliefs homework

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Please read this really interesting article (h_w_woodhead-muslim-women) by Leila Hadj-Abdou and Linda Woodhead, and answer the following questions:

Page 2:

  1. The article states that Muslims have become a “point of political contestation” since the 1990s. What does this statement mean?
  2. Why is gender at the centre of this?
  3. What three things have mobilised Muslims?

Feel free to skip pages 3-5

Page 6:

  1. When did Britain appoint its first Muslim female mayor?

Page 7:

  1. How many Muslims live in the UK?
  2. How many British Muslim women are economically inactive?
  3. How many Austrian Muslims have citizenship?

Page 8:

  1. Are Muslim women always allowed to wear the nigab, hijab etc in the UK?

Page 9:

  1. What are the aims of Protect Hijab?

Page 10:

  1. Do Muslim women have a national voice?

Page 11:

  1. What is Protect Hijab’s slogan and what does it mean?



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A2 beliefs – interesting article on ‘losing religion’

This article provides a nice contrast to the commonly held belief that Islam is increasing and it very much supports Tariq Modood’s (1997) assertion that Muslims from the second generation and onwards are more likely to lost their faith. However, it also demonstrates how much harder it is for many British Muslims to publicly turn their back on their religion, thus it supports Grace Davie’s belonging without believing thesis:

Losing their religion: the hidden crisis of faith among Britain’s young Muslims

As debate rages over the radicalisation of young British Muslims, are we overlooking a different crisis of faith? Ex-Muslims who dare to speak out are often cut off by their families and fear for their lives. A brave few tell us their stories: