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A2 Beliefs: Examiner Feedback

I thought it would be useful to share with you some feedback from my recent AQA examiners meeting:

1. Ideas and substance over names

Whilst of course you must be able to use the names of a good range of sociologists, the message from AQA is loud and clear – it is much more important to apply ideas, arguments, perspectives and terms. If you can’t remember the name of a sociologist, don’t worry too much, just carry on…

2. 9 mark questions

3 bullet points. A brief explanation is fine as long as you have developed your answer in some way. If you are unsure, you can write 4 answers and the correct 3 answers will be rewarded – this will waste time though.

Don’t full into the trap of writing too much on this answer. Remember, you have a maximum of a minute and a half per mark – so a maximum of 13 minutes on this question.

3. 18 mark questions

Define terms.

Perspectives are needed.

Always pick up ideas from the item.

A02 is very important

4. 33 mark questions

If the question refers to ‘today’ make sure that you refer to today. Even if the question does not explicitly ask about today, make sure you give examples from today.

DO NOT WRITE A TIMELESS ANSWER – make sure that you show some appreciation of when the sociology was written and then locate it within today. For example, if you are writing about Durkheim’s ideas of social solidarity, are these ideas still relevant today?

Relate every paragraph to the question.

Compare perspectives – what do they disagree on? How do they agree? DON’T JUST LIST.

Distinguish within the perspectives – orthodox Marxists have different ideas to Neo-Marxists

Remember A02 marks are rewarded more:

A02 a) interpretation and analysis – give examples, reflect on the ideas

A02 b) use words such as – however; on the other hand; yet; nonetheless

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A2 Sociology Mock Exam Revision

Good afternoon scholars, here are the things you need to revise:

1. Definitions of religion

2. Ideology and beliefs

3. Functionalist approaches to religion

4. Feminist approaches to religion

5. Marxist approaches to religion

6. Religion and change (we have only just started this and will only finish this just before the exam, so you will not get a 33 mark question on this)