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A2 10 mark homework

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Using information from Item A analyse two reasons why Durkheim’s functions of religions are criticised.(10 marks)

Item A

Like men and women everywhere, the daily lives of some tribal people are a reflection of their beliefs and traditions. Rituals which to us may seem cruel and dangerous often serve a vital role in keeping law and order within a group, and are fundamental to identity. Practices like stick fighting, ritual whipping, bull jumping and scarification fulfil important functions. As well as showing that the culture is still strong and vibrant, they give participants pride in their heritage and a sense of belonging.

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Y13 Friday P1

For those not going on the trip, please could you answer the following 10 mark question:

Outline and explain two reasons why there is dispute over the definition of religion. 

In the exam you will have 15 minutes to answer this question. You only need to write a very brief intro and conclusion, the most important part are the two paragraphs identifying reason 1 and reason 2.


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