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Crime and Deviance/Education: excellent podcast episode

If you get the chance to listen to this, I would recommend it. Malcolm Gladwell explores the huge obstacles placed in the way of higher intelligent American children – it really supports the ‘myth of meritocracy’ thesis:

Carlos Doesn’t Remember

By Malcolm Gladwell / Panoply

Of the tens of thousands of talented, low-income students who graduate from high school every year in the United States, most never make it to universities appropriate to their gifts. America leaves an enormous amount of talent on the table every year. “Carlos Doesn’t Remember” explains why.


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Knife crime – a rational choice?

An excellent article about why young people turn to knife crime:

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A level – secularisation – So Christianity is no longer the norm?

Here are the key highlights from the article by

  • “Christianity as a default, as a norm, is gone, and probably gone for good,” Prof Stephen Bullivant
  • Ormerod argues that it’s a mistake to assume that under 30s have changed that drastically because there is a significant evidence that they are still willing to wholeheartedly embrace alternatives to religion.
  • Older generations are not completely embracing rationality either because new age movements such as astrology are enjoying a renaissance
  • Linda Woodhead points out that although lots of British teenagers identify that they have no religion, most don’t describe themselves as atheists.


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Crime and Deviance: a failing prison system?

Knife crime

– prison sentences for possession have doubled in length over a decade to more than six months following the imposition of inflexible new laws in the wake of media pressure. Yet the most recent quarterly crime figures show an 11% increase in knife offences. There has also been a rise in admissions to hospital for knife wounds

– average jail terms last four months longer than 10 years ago.

-there has been more than 1 million extra days of imprisonment