FAMILY: David Cameron: parents should be taught how to control children

“Cameron will announce plans for a parenting classes voucher scheme, claiming that all parents need help and that there is too little state-sponsored guidance on offer.

Cameron will say that the government’s Life Chances Strategy – an initiative to target tackle child poverty – will include a plan for “significantly expanding parenting provision”. It will also recommend ways to incentivise all parents to take up the offer of classes.

he £5m CanParent pilot, which the prime minister set up in three underprivileged areas following the 2011 riots, attracted just 2,956 parents, a fraction of the 20,000 expected. The scheme ended up costing £1,088 per parent, and only 9% of those attending classes were fathers or male partners. However, a study of the trial found high degrees of satisfaction among those who took part.

he initiative will form one part of a strategy to place the family at the heart of the agenda for the next five years. In his speech, Cameron will say the family unit is a bulwark against poverty. He will also announce a doubling of funding for relationship counselling services.

The £70m promised to fund relationship support and couples counselling – run by the likes of Relate, Marriage Care and One Plus One – is twice the amount committed over the last parliament, where 160,000 couples were helped.”



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