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A2: Social Change: Church of England Letter

The following is an excellent example of how religion can seek and sometimes achieve social change. The Church of England have written a 52-page open letter to help church members consider how to negotiate ‘dangerous times to build the kind of society which people say they want’

Also, it is a good example for secularisation. Shiner (1967) argues that when religion is more concerned with secular issues than the spiritual it is a sign of ‘conformity’.

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AS Family: UK approves three-person babies

The UK has now become the first country to approve laws to allow the creation of babies from three people.

The modified version of IVF has passed its final legislative obstacle after being approved by the House of Lords.

The fertility regulator will now decide how to license the procedure to prevent babies inheriting deadly genetic diseases.

The first baby could be born as early as 2016.