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Saudi Arabian man to receive 1000 lashes

Blogger Raif Badawi received the first 50 of his 1,000 lashes on Friday as punishment for running a liberal website devoted to freedom of speech in the kingdom.

This is perhaps an excellent contemporary supporting argument for the Marxist critique of religion; the powerful elite are using religious law (sharia) to justify removing Badawi’s freedom. therefore taking away an opponent of the regime.

The public flogging can also be seen as the powerful ‘flexing’ their muscles to help discourage any potential imitators. From a Functionalist perspective, the analysis of power would be of little importance, instead the ritualistic behaviour of the flogging could be seen as re-affirming the values of the society…



Sociology and Media Studies teacher at Hazelwick School, West Sussex. Former teacher at Felpham Community College and Doha College

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