AS Sociology Homework

12D – due Friday

12C – due first lesson after half term

Suggest two reasons why women might delay having children (4 marks)

Suggest two reasons why there has been an increase in cohabitation (4 marks

Examine the reasons for changes in the patterns of marriage and cohabitation in the last 40 years or so. (24 marks)

A2 Beliefs: Functionalism


Over the next few lessons we will be exploring the Functionalist approach to religion.

Here is the video we looked at in class: Mormonism

Read Malinowski and make notes:

Revision cards:

Revision overview:

A2 Beliefs and Values: 33 mark essay

Comparative Points

  • Authority
  • Tradition
  • Faith
  • Revelation

Theorists to include

Comte, Polanyi, Lynch, Dawkins, Giddens, Lyotard, Karl Popper…

Timings and Word Count

50 minutes (1.5 minutes a mark)

Aim for around 4 sides/800-1000 words

In the exam, spend 5 minutes planning

Further reading

Grade boundaries

A= 26/33 B= 23/33 C= 20/33 D= 17/33 E= 13/33